The Official Home of The Infamous Unofficial Wannabe Weatherman – Mike Summers!

Thank you for stopping by my new website – The purpose of this website was originally so I could host live information streamed from my real personal weather station located in Conneaut, Ohio, but that has since changed a bit. The LIVE current weather conditions of Conneaut, Ohio does still exist (Click here), however, in early 2014, friends on Facebook were joking around calling me the unofficial weatherman, so I took the ball and ran with it – I now consider myself “The Infamous Unofficial Wannabe Weatherman, Mike Summers.” And yes, this is my virtual home.

The Conneaut, Ohio Personal Weather Station Information

The personal weather station for Conneaut, Ohio is personally owned and operated by me, Mike Summers – A lifelong resident of the quaint town. My weather station is a cheap, entry level model that I purchased in 2013 that will eventually be replaced with a much nicer Davis Instruments weather station. The model that I purchased has already given me countless headaches and has had several parts replaced on it, but as a wise man once told me (my father, by the way :P) – You get what you pay for. Accurate? Yes, it’s actually very impressive. Tough? Not bad. Long-term life? Not so much.

Click here for Conneaut, Ohio’s LIVE weather conditions!

What my fans are saying:
  • Wow, for someone that never had any 'real' meteorological schooling, Mike actually does a really good job on the local forecasts, he's quick to keep us updated on breaking weather alerts and news AND he keeps it fun all at the same time! –Barbara Spencer - Kingsville, OH